Mosquito Control

Effective control of mosquitoes using EPA-Registered products to keep everything else out of harm’s way.

Except for fleas, ticks, and other unwanted insects, we treat them too!

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Professional Mosquito Management

Our mosquito control treatments focus on the places mosquitoes live and breed in your lawn and landscape.  By targeting their habitat, mosquito larvae and mature mosquitoes alike are controlled almost immediately!  Mosquitoes thrive in areas like Fayetteville and Cicero Swamp.

Our treatments not only protect against mosquitoes but also help control the population of the three most common ticks found in upstate New York.  Learn more about how to protect yourself and your family from ticks.

Mosquito Spraying Services

Whether you would like season-long protection, or you just want to minimize the pests for a special outdoor occasion via our one-time spraying service, our mosquito spray creates a barrier against mosquitos, allowing you and your family to enjoy time spent outdoors.

Mosquitos carry a host of diseases, including Zika, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Dengue, Malaria, Fever, and Yellow Fever.  Some can even carry Heartworm. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, 3,000 different mosquito species can be found throughout the world, and 176 of those are present in the United States and many of those can be found in CNY.

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Mosquito Treatment Options

One treatment is not enough to effectively control mosquitoes or ticks, although you will have drastic and noticeable results after the 1st treatment.  That is why we come back on a 3-week schedule to keep these pests from ruining your outdoor living space.

The beautiful part of the safe, EPA-Regulated products we use is that they leave behind a barrier and limit the possibility of future mosquito invasions in your lawn or landscape.

1-Time Mosquito Treatment

Our 1-Time Mosquito Control Treatment will provide protection from mosquitoes so you and your guests can enjoy a mosquito-free backyard BBQ, graduation party, or wedding.

Seasonal Mosquito Control

With our Seasonal Mosquito Control Program, we’ll service your property during peak mosquito months of April through October.

Our program consists of every 21-day sprays that kill mosquitoes and set up a barrier of protection for 2 to 3 weeks.

Why do we need to spay so often?  There are millions of mosquitoes within 1 acre of land, and only pregnant females feed on blood. If you think about how often you get bit, this gives you an idea of how many mosquitoes are out there.

Our mosquito control program is highly effective, however, due to the number of mosquitoes in one given area retreating multiple times keeps your property mosquito-free.

1-Time Insect Repelling Spray

Did someone say party?

Your wedding, party, barbecue, reunion or any other outdoor event should be remembered for the good times, not the mosquitoes! The aroma of your backyard feast shouldn’t have to compete with the smell of citronella candles and bug spray. And there’s nothing that ruins your yard games more than swatting!

Premier Mosquito Services can prevent these party crashers without spoiling the fun.

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Schedule Your Mosquito Treatment

We guarantee our mosquito treatment is going to be effective so there really is nothing to lose, except those mosquitoes!  Call and talk to Jim now.  Let’s get you on Premier Mosquito Services schedule today.

Does our Mosquito Control Program Kill Ticks?

Mosquito and ticks have different management programs and there are two factors that determine effectiveness in controlling each:

  1. Delivery method
  2. Habitat

Ticks are found less than 3 feet above the ground and in the grass. Mosquitoes like to rest in shady foliage areas, along tree lines, hedgerows, and planting beds.

Our technicians spray up to 25 feet into trees to control mosquitoes.

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